Good-2-Go Roller Garage Doors

The Good2Go Roller door is a superior remote controlled roller door system. Our doors are only available through registered trade builders. Please watch the video right to see what makes the Good-2-Go the best type of door for your garage.

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Double skinned foam filled aluminium

Yes Good-2-Go use the thickest and strongest 77mm Roller Door Slats only. Not only are these the most secure but they also give the best insulation with a full CFC free foam fill insulation between the two walls of aluminium.

Fully Automated System

All of our doors come with 2 remote controlled handsets meaning operational of your garage door has never been easier. From the comfort of your car, or as you are approaching on your bike simply click the button and drive straight through into your garage as your door opens automatically. If you purchase this door through a gold member registered builder your Good2go system will come with an extra 2 remote controls giving you 4 in total.

All doors also include a manual override feature which means you can gain access to your garage manually should there be an emergency and no power to the electronics. The manual system can be internal or securely external and this is all included in the deal.

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Maximum space in your garage

With new build garages or refurbished garages we recommend you have your Good-2-Go roller garage door fitted behind your piers and above and behind your lintel. Our team of experts can work with your registered builder to ensure that you have complete maximum width and height in you garage giving you maximum use of the space both internally and externally to your garage.

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The highest levels of safety

We consider safety to be of the up most importance with roller garage doors given the nature of the system. And there should be no compromise in having the best in this regard. Good-2-Go Doors use a fully comprehensive detection system which throws a permanent webs of infra red beams across the entire opening. If something is left under the door the door will not descend and if anything comes under the door while it is lowering it stops instantly and returns to the open position. This safety is the best and most comprehensive. It is far better than a wireless touch sensor system in the bottom rubber commonly used on roller doors.

Total Security

The Good-2-Go roller door is considered the most secure door available. It has no external locks and comes with an automatic locking tubular motor and locking rings. The doors are made from the biggest and most secure 77mm slats making the door very robust. And for the finishing touch all doors are fitted with an anti tamper burglar alarm system so you can fully arm the door when it is shut!!

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